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Josh Marks Hardwood Tides

Hardwood Tides is the brainchild and alias of resin and wood working artist Josh Marks, residing in Caloundra, Australia. He has grown up enjoying the sun, surf and culture of Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

Josh has always been artistic and creative, completing a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design in 2003, and working in the signage industry as a designer and sign writer for over 17 years. He had always enjoyed wood working from a young age, and started Hardwood Tides as a way to explore this creativity in 2016.


He creates unique art pieces which combine his wood working skills, resin and timber to harness nature’s beauty and embrace surf culture.  Each piece is hand made and therefore one of a kind, no two pieces are ever the same. Respecting the materials and environment is at the forefront of each creation, with all timber sustainably sourced and treated with love, care and attention to detail.

His creations are spread all over the globe, and he is constantly working with clients worldwide to create a piece that reflects their own love of the marriage of land, sea, surfing or skateboarding.

Works often are most frequently and famously in the form of surfboard art pieces, but also as functional skate decks and home decor.


Please complete the contact form below to get in touch with Josh for all artwork or commission enquiries.

Thank you, I will be in touch!

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