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Natural Edge Timber

Epoxy Resin

Inspired by

Ocean . Earth . Surf Culture



My name is Josh Marks, I am a Graphic Designer & Artist from Brisbane, Australia.


I create unique art pieces which combine timber & resin to embrace nature’s beauty & surf culture. 

I have a rich passion for design & fine craftsmanship.

I am blessed to have my art pieces spread all over the globe, & am constantly working with clients to create a piece that reflects their own love of the marriage of ocean & earth.

Works often are most frequently and famously in the form of surfboards,

but also as skate decks & home decor.

Each piece is hand made by me, with love and attention to detail.

Each is completely unique. No two pieces are ever the same.


Please contact me if you would like to commission a piece for yourself.




Natural Edge Timber


Only the most unique and beautiful

pieces of natural edge timber are

selected and used in Hardwood Tides

creations. All timber is sustainably

sourced locally.

Epoxy Resin


High quality industrial grade low

solvent epoxy resin is used, and can

be tinted with dyes, embellished with

pearls or other pigments.

Surf Culture


At the forefront of all art pieces,

whether they be surf art, skate art

or home decor, is the emotion,

connection and freedom embodied

in surf culture, the ocean and

coastal lifestyle



Keep up do date with current commission pieces and works in progress


Art Locations

Hardwood Tides surfboard art is pride of place in homes worldwide


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Brisbane, Australia